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Our suggestions...


Vine leaves stuffed with rice, raisins, pine nuts and lemon custard

Flogeres fried filo pastry pies with pyhtogalo fresh soft cheese, graviera hard cheese, spearmint, honey and roasted sesame seeds

Grilled Pleurotus mushrooms with balsamic vinegar dressing and anthotyros hard cheese from Crete

Egg plant rolls with ladotyri hard cheese from Zante and dried tomato pesto

Hand made mackerel pies with tarama mousse


Black Risotto with shrimps, squid ink, chorizo and gorgonzola

Florina kebabs with xigalo fresh soft cheese from Crete,
aivar red pepper paste, pita bread and onion

Fried tuna bites with wild greens, carob rusks and saffron sauce

Pork belly roast with wild cherry sauce, sweet potato mash and pistachio


Rocket and cherry tomatoes linguini with cream cheese, fresh basil
and fresh soft cheese



* Vegetarian Dishes

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